Failure to comply with competition law regulation can have very serious consequences for both firms and individuals. As global markets become more intertwined, regulatory framework and capacities of both local and international competition authorities are increasing and enforcement is becoming more cohesive and ever so aggressive. Subsequently, increased number of market participants is facing competition concerns in various jurisdictions and violations of competition laws are subject to progressively harsher fines. Even a “mere” investigation can result in momentous damages to a company’s reputation and its bottom line.

Tekin&Tekin Law Firm competition practice is at the forefront of providing a unique service as members of our team took the lead on some of the largest global mergers and landmark cases before the competition and state aid authorities in the region and EU. Our multi-disciplinary approach to competition law and developed international network enable us to provide our clients with integrated assistance in pre-merger filings; analysing and defending mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures; advising and providing training on business conduct and compliance; and representing companies under investigation.