Divorce and family law in recent years has become one of the most important branches of law on the agenda in Turkey. Due to the increase in divorce rates, professional consultancy and litigation offices are trying to help people.

General provisions on family law, engagement, marriage, divorce and family protection and marriage; The law of inheritance includes the sharing of the right between the heirs and the heirs after the deceased, while civil law is the branch of law that regulates custody, guardianship, trustee, population, age, adoption, paternity and other general provisions.

In the context of divorce and family law, we work as attorneys and consultancy services as follows.

Attorney Services

Divorce cases

Custody cases

Compensation and alimony cases

Paternity case

Management of children’s property

Domestic violence cases

Personal rights attack cases

Family housing and applications

Laws no 4320 on the protection of the family

Property partnership, separation, property regimes

Legal purchase rights of spouses in the goods regime

Cases of denial of inheritance

Obtaining the heir certificate

Cases of cancellation of inheritance certificate

Cases arising from the deterioration of engagement

Adoption permission case

Marriage leave, the abolition of waiting time for women

Age correction and accident cases

Enforcement cases

Optional measures in carding

Leave and inheritance return cases

Custody and guardianship cases

Cancellation of the will


Consultancy services

Supervision of custody

Guardianship supervision

Alimony tracking

Follow-up decision

Protection of family law

Supervision of rights on housing and property

Protection and supervision of inheritance rights

Supervision and elimination of legal problems between  peers

Supervision of the spousal property regime and t aking necessary measures