Tekin& Tekin Law Firm is a full service immigration law firm. The starting point to handle your immigration issue is the consultation.

Tekin&Tekin Law Firm is one of the leading immigration law firms in Turkey and Europe. Our attorneys have experience handling all aspects of Europe immigration and nationality law. At our firm, we are committed to providing quality and efficient service to all of our clients. Our lawyers provide consultations to corporations and individuals on immigration law compliance and handle cases before the government.

Tekin&Tekin is a law firm committed to providing quality and efficient service. We constantly monitor developments in immigration law and use state-of-the-art technology for research, client communications, and case management.

All of our immigration lawyers speak English fluently and multilingual. Our immigration lawyers work thoroughly to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients.We are dedicated to provide all kinds of client’s Turkish and European Union immigration needs, including:

  • Guide Clients on Immigration Issues Resulting from Mergers and Other Business Transactions
  • Defend Clients Against Claims of illegal Immigration Practices
  • Prepare Immigration Due Diligence for Businesses
  • Prepare Client’s Immigration Documentation
  • Conduct legal examination of Immigration Documentation
  • Represent Clients in Immigration and Naturalization Cases
  • Consulting at Buying Real Estate And Investment